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When is a suitable time to conduct a Supplier Audit?

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When is a suitable time to conduct a Supplier Audit?

When you are planning to start new cooperation with either new or existing suppliers, Factory Audit can help you do a thorough check on the most updated capabilities of the factory. As you select new vendors, reduce the number of your vendors to more manageable levels and improve overall performance, our factory and supplier audit services provide an effective way to enhance that process at a reduced cost to you.

1. YOUR HISTORY WITH THE SUPPLIER Obviously, you know that if you have a good history with your supplier, you'll need factory audits less frequently. Things to consider are how long you've been using this supplier, the results of previous factory audits, and whether your supplier has an adequate quality management system. The answers to these questions should tell you how frequently they need audited. 2. A SUPPLIER IS NEW OR CHANGES QUALITY Any time you have an unknown is an excellent time to conduct a factory audit. If you have a new supplier, your suppliers have changed ownership, or you have seen some variance in the quality of their work are all tips that it might be time to audit their factory.3. RANDOM AUDITS ARE NOT A BAD IDEA Sometimes your gut tells you something isn't right, or sometimes it's just been a while since someone has audited your supplier. Although audits can be out of your usual daily operations with your supplier, it's always a good idea to listen to your inner voice. It will give you peace of mind and ensure everything is going smoothly with your supplier. 4. NEW REGULATIONS OR REQUIREMENTS IN PLACE Product quality starts with selecting the right supplier. The aim of an audit is to assess if the factory has the relevant product knowledge and is able to manufacture products that comply with international regulations and your own brand requirements.

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