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What should the Amazon FBA Inspection include?

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What should the Amazon FBA Inspection include?

Fulfillment by Amazon means that everything from manufacturing the products to storing inventory, fulfilling orders, packing, and shipping is off your plate. While this business model makes it possible for third-party brands to compete in Amazon's buzzing marketplace with a fairly hands-off approach, many responsibilities, such as ordering quality control inspections, still fall on the business owner.

To run a successful Amazon FBA business, there are a few considerations that simply can't be overlooked. Maintaining excellent quality control to ensure your products are of high quality is important not only to keep your customers happy and protect your business's reputation but also to satisfy Amazon's FBA requirements for quality and safety so that you can continue to sell your products via this program.

So what do you need when booking an Amazon FBA inspection? Here's what to consider for your inspections to ensure your business is operating smoothly.

4 things to include on your Amazon FBA inspection checklist

Booking a pre-shipment inspection is one of the most basic necessities for coordinating a successful product shipment to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Many FBA sellers will source their products from China, which will then be manufactured to your standards and shipped to Amazon for fulfillment and delivery all over the world. Because of the scope and scale of this process, the need for trusted quality control inspectors is paramount to the success of your business. These are the must-haves for your Amazon FBA inspection:

1.Verified Shipment of Your Order

This is to check and ensure that the products you ordered are indeed being shipped to the Amazon fulfillment warehouse and that the products match the details of your order.

2.Verified quantity of your order

This check makes sure that the number of products in the shipment matches the amount that was ordered, so that the number of units being shipped accounts for the amount actually paid for.

3.Correct packaging, labels, and barcodes

Ensuring that your products and shipment contain the correct packaging, labels, and barcodes is necessary for Amazon to accept the shipment when it arrives at their fulfillment warehouse.

4.Quality control check

Your inspection needs to include a quality control check to make sure that your products meet the quality standards for your business. A quality control check can include a number of things, such as:

Making sure the products are free of visual imperfections or inconsistencies

Making sure the products are in good working order and undamaged

Ensuring the dimensions and weights of the packages are correct.

Checking for defective items, incorrect items, or quantities, and fixing these issues with the manufacturer before shipment.

Performing additional quality checks such as a carton drop test, a smell test, a color fasten test, a function test, an internal check, and more

Trusted quality control services with an Asian quality focus

Ordering a trusted service to conduct your business's Amazon FBA inspections is an incredibly important part of ensuring your brand maintains the high-quality products your customers deserve. Contact us today to learn how our quality control inspections can help you increase sales and boost positive reviews by maintaining excellent-quality products.