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What is pre-shipment quality control inspection?

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What is pre-shipment quality control inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection is an essential part of supply chain management that holds an important role in Quality Control after the production process. It checks the quality of the newly manufactured goods that they are market-ready as per the clients' requirements. This process is conducted by professional inspection service providers as defined in the contract between the buyer and supplier.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection was officially introduced in 1994 to improve the trade standards between companies to meet international standards. The main purpose of conducting a pre-shipment inspection is to check and assure the quantity and quality of the finished products as per the agreement between buyers and sellers. The process tests products for any defects and safety standards to meet the market requirements.

The pre-shipment procedures are carried out at the production site or factory. The whole process includes the followings steps for quality check of the products before they are shipped from the manufacturing unit:

Quantity Verification

The inspection team firstly verify the quantity of the products matching to the purchase order by counting the shipping parcels and the correct number of products in each box. It ensures that the correct quantities are shipped from the production house to the destination. The team also verifies the quality of the packaging for the safety and security of the shipped products.

Random Inspection of finished products

The pre-shipment inspection team selects random products from different lots to check the products for any defects. They follow the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) to calculate the acceptable number of defective products in a batch before accepting or rejecting the whole batch.

Cosmetic Errors Check

The randomly selected products are also checked for any cosmetic or workmanship error for any visible defects as per the product specifications. The defects identified during this stage are classified as minor, major, or critical to meet the acceptable tolerance levels in the agreement.

Functional and Safety Check

Functional and safety check are conducted by the inspection team on different parameters depending on the product type. The inspection professionals and experts conduct mechanical safety checks, electrical safety checks, fire safety checks to ensure safety standards are met. In the case of  garment, apparel, and footwear, a physical test is performed that includes pull, stretch, and fatigue tests for quality inspection. The inspection team also conducts testing for country-specific labels and marking before sending products to the destined market.

Inspection Report

After the pre-shipment inspection procedure, the inspection team compiles a report based on their key findings and results. The report is submitted to both buyer and manufacturer before the final shipment and payment processing.

These are the basic steps that any Pre-Shipment Inspection team follows to meet the quality standards. If you are looking for a product inspection service in China at any manufacturing facility, let us help you with your quality check and inspection process. We conduct the inspection process according to the international guideline for trade standards. We are a team of trained and qualified professionals who can help you with all the tests and certification to meet your product specification before the shipment.