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What is pre-shipment inspection?

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What is pre-shipment inspection?

Pre-shipment inspection, PSI, is a frequently used in international commodity trade inspection, is the inspection agency to verify the quality, quantity, price, tariff catalog and commodity classification of all products involved in the user member party of a customs measure.

It is a statutory import verification measures under the framework of the WTO agreement, usually by decree of the relevant departments of the importing government, the designation of one or more multinational notaries to implement mandatory pre-shipment inspection of imported goods into the country. Its purpose is to prevent arbitrage, tax avoidance and other illegal activities. Inspection and quarantine agencies involved in national security, environmental protection, human health of imported used machinery and equipment for pre-shipment inspection.

Pre-shipment inspection and quarantine of the certificate includes what?

(A) whether the goods name, quantity, specifications, new or used, salvage value and other relevant circumstances and contracts, invoices and other trade documents provided by the information is consistent.

(B) whether the entrapment of prohibited imported goods.

(C) the safety, hygiene, health, environmental protection, fraud prevention, energy consumption, etc. to make assessments

The content of the inspection is not carried out for the commodity tariff number. Therefore, we just need to import the actual commodity tariff number is correct, to ensure that the correct declaration can be. Of course, enterprises can apply to the customs pre-determination in advance or to our third-party professional classification agencies to apply for pre-classification are possible.

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