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What does an Amazon FBA Inspection service include?

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What does an Amazon FBA Inspection service include?

Amazon FBA inspection is the inspection that is carried out at the end of the production in the supply chain when the products are packed and ready for shipment. Amazon has provided a comprehensive checklist that is required to be fulfilled before your product can be listed on the Amazon store.

If you want to sell on Amazon, then we highly recommend using Amazon FBA inspection service in order to abide by stringent Amazon FBA rules. These rules were developed in order to improve the Amazon Quality Control for sellers.

As of today, Amazon has become a very competitive market place and one bad product review can damage your brand image in more ways possible than you can possibly imagine.

In order to avoid any such unwanted results for your business, it is highly recommended that you solicit services of professional firms like JC Inspection to check your product against the Amazon FBA requirements by performing an Amazon FBA inspection of your products.

Ensure all products follow FBA requirements Properly label/package your products and get them to the correct destination Avoid fines, product rejections, or receiving delays Increase customer satisfaction and avoid negative product reviewsPrevent quantity or shipping errors Ensure products meet the highest quality standards Comply with the complete FBA Checklist, including labeling, wrapping, packaging, shipping, labels, barcodes, and more Check specifications for products requiring Special Approval.

Among the things that JCI Inspection checks for while doing the Amazon FBA audit are:The Quantity of the order according to the customer requirements/Confirms the quality specifications of the products as per the provided requirements/Carry out field tests required to conform to the quality of the products/Carry out the carton’s weight and dimensions check it to be as per FBA requirements/Confirm that the shipment is as per the Amazons FBA packaging requirement

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