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What are the inspection steps for containers?

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What are the inspection steps for containers?

Containers in the loading of goods before, must be strictly checked. Defective containers, the light will lead to cargo damage, heavy in the transport, loading and unloading process caused by box destruction accidents.

Therefore, the inspection of the container is one of the basic conditions for the safe transport of goods. Consignor, carrier, consignee, and other relations in the mutual handover, in addition to the box for inspection, but also should be confirmed in writing with equipment handover sheet and other forms of box handover state.

1、External inspection

External inspection is to inspect the six sides of the box, check the external is all the damage, deformation, breaks and other abnormalities, if any, that is to make the repair parts of the mark.

2、Internal inspection

Internal inspection: is the six-sided inspection of the inside of the box, check whether water leakage, light leakage, whether there is a stain, water stains, etc..

3、Box door inspection

Door inspection: check whether the door is intact, whether the door is watertight around the door, whether the door lock is complete, and whether the door is 270° open.

4、Cleaning inspection

Cleaning inspection: refers to the box has no residue, pollution, rust and corrosion odor, water wet, etc.. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be cleaned and even replaced.

5、Inspection of attached parts

Attachment inspection: refers to the state of the reinforcement link of the goods, such as the state of the plate frame container pillar, flat container, open top container upper extension with reinforced structure state, etc. for inspection.


Each step of the steps should be in order, otherwise it is easy to miss the

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