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Requirements for inspection of exported toys

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Requirements for inspection of exported toys

Starting from September 1, 2016, mandatory inspection of exported toys has been abolished. All kinds of toys, including plastic toys, plush toys, and electric toys, are subject to general supervision as ordinary goods without special supervision conditions and requirements. They can be declared according to the normal export customs declaration process. However, according to the "Announcement on Carrying out Sampling Inspection of Imported and Exported Goods Other than Mandatory Inspection Goods in 2021" (General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 60 of 2021), exported toys are products other than mandatory inspection goods that need to undergo sampling inspection. Customs will conduct sampling inspections on exported toys in accordance with the "Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law" and its implementation regulations.

Enterprises engaged in the production and operation of exported toys should establish a sound quality and safety control system and traceability system. They should strengthen quality control and management of finished products, components or subcontracted parts during the toy production process. They should establish and implement a system for inspecting and accepting purchased goods, examine the business qualifications of suppliers and subcontractors, verify product certificates and product labeling, establish purchase ledgers for products and high-risk raw materials, truthfully record product names, specifications, quantities, supplier information including contact details as well as subcontractor information including contact details and procurement time.

Customs will implement key supervision and management on toy production and business enterprises that meet one of the following conditions:

(1) The enterprise's safety and quality control system is not effectively operating;

(2) The enterprise is responsible for foreign warning notifications, recalls, or return events confirmed by Customs investigation;

(3) The exported toys have failed safety inspections in two consecutive batch tests or three cumulative safety item inspections within six months;

(4) The enterprise has received administrative penalties for violating inspection and quarantine laws and regulations.

For enterprises under key supervision and management, Customs will tighten its management on the enterprise and increase the proportion of spot checks on its import and export products. This period generally lasts for six months.

Requirements for inspection of exported toys