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Pre-shipment inspection matters to note

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Pre-shipment inspection matters to note

Pre-shipment inspection is a phase of shipping that As an e-commerce merchant, pre-shipment inspections are critical to the supply chain and quality control methods. You need to ensure that your items meet your quality standards before sending them to your customers.

1.pre-shipment inspection and quarantine (referred to as in the inspection) from 2023 onwards and single window binding, after doing the inspection need to remember to enter the inspection information to the single window. Otherwise, in the inability to declare customs clearance.

2. after the inspection is done, pay attention to the validity of the certificate, customs clearance as soon as possible about the destination customs inspection, not more than the destination inspection and quarantine period.

3. the certificate of imported goods have the relevant preliminary evaluation level. Pay special attention to some anti-dumping goods, which are prohibited imports, may not be declared for import clearance.

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