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Pre-shipment inspection checklist: the dos and don'ts

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Pre-shipment inspection checklist: the dos and don'ts

Here are a few tips to note about pre-shipment inspections:

The dos of pre-shipment inspection

Do create a pre-shipment inspection checklist: First, you need a comprehensive PSI checklist to provide to your inspector. This will assist them in spotting any flaws or faults and ensuring that the items are produced to your exact requirements.

Do check product quantity: Also, check the number of items to ensure that you meet your customer's specifications.

To perform visual inspections for pre-shipment inspections: Assess any external damage and look for faults when inspecting your products. If the defective items fall under the acceptable quality limit, you are ready to ship.

Do compliance checks during the pre-shipment inspection: You should also check yourself to see if the products meet the customer's specifications. Ensure that they are functioning well and that they have the correct tags and labels.

Do complete safety checks for the pre-shipment inspection: This ensures that the items do not cause harm or injuries to the users.

The don'ts of pre-shipment inspection

Don't ignore inspecting labels during pre-shipment inspection. Ensure that you provide suitable labels for your products. Specify if they are perishable, fragile, or hazardous items to inform the customers.

Don't ignore visible defects. Also, you must pay attention to cracks, scratches, dents, or other signs of damage on the items.

Don't neglect country-specific safety labels: Another essential thing to pay attention to is country-specific safety labels, especially if you are sending the products to international customers. Although some countries do not require product inspections, other countries may require pre-shipment inspections. This ruling is because they want to verify the type and value of products about to enter their country.

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