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A list of these supplier audits articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional supplier audits, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Do you really understand supplier audits?
    [Supplier Assessment] Do you really understand supplier audits?

    There are numerous options for whom organizations might select to deal with in today's globalized market, and this is frequently the case when sourcing suppliers. Finding the ideal provider, however, can be difficult, particularly if the firm itself is thousands of miles away. Fortunately, supplier

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  • Introduction to the Content of Supplier Audits
    [Supplier Assessment] Introduction to the Content of Supplier Audits

    Introduction to Supplier Audit ContentAudit Content:(1) Compliance and Rationality of Supplier Development and Certification1. Review whether the supplier development and certification procedures comply with relevant regulations; whether there are clear supplier selection targets and evaluation crit

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  • How to conduct supplier audits?
    [Supplier Assessment] How to conduct supplier audits?

    1. Assess whether the company's scale is appropriateUpon entering the factory, one can observe the supplier's production base and office environment. Additionally, visiting their exhibition hall and inquiring about their business performance and number of employees from the previous year will provid

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  • Introduction to Supplier Auditing
    [Supplier Assessment] Introduction to Supplier Auditing

    Introduction to Supplier Auditing:1. Purpose:To evaluate the quality system of the audited company to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, standards, and corporate requirements, as well as the supplier's ability to meet quality and supply requirements.2. On-site Audit Object:On

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