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Is it easy to be inspected when shipping products to the U.S. via FBA through customs?

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Is it easy to be inspected when shipping products to the U.S. via FBA through customs?

Is it easy to be inspected when Amazon FBA ships goods to the US through customs? Whether it is easy or not is another story, there are definitely random screening by the customs of each country to check the compliance of import and export goods. For example, if FBA products shipped to the U.S. enter the U.S. market, U.S. Customs will check the authenticity of the goods and the declared materials. Including but not limited to whether the name, quantity, specifications, brand, origin, new or old, value, weight, etc., check whether the contents of the goods are consistent with the contents of the declaration.

Customs random screening is an important means of customs supervision of the import and export of goods, with a certain degree of randomness. You can not know which day to check, check which container, but there is still a certain focus on the scope of the inspection. For example: some sensitive product names, a certain once reported or have a "criminal record" of the importer. Customs manual inspection and the system is a certain proportion of random checks, such as how much the system random checks, how much manual name. Customs will generally have a certain task every day, how many cabinets to check.

What situation is easy to be checked?

It is difficult to say. Sometimes there is not a single piece in 180 cabinets every week, and sometimes several pieces are checked.

1. If the value of the goods is too high, it will be easy to be inspected.

If the customs declaration is more than one million dollars, it must be checked!

2. U.S. anti-dumping products

Involved in the United States anti-dumping category, must check!

3. Low-priced goods

It is easy to check whether the value of the goods is declared too low and avoid tax.

4. High rebate rate

High rebate rate of HS code products are easy to check. There is a suspicion of tax fraud, there is a deliberate overstatement of the value of goods for tax refund.

5. Weight difference

It is easy to check whether there is a big difference between the cabinets and the declared weight. To strictly measure the weight of goods, in and out of the warehouse to pay attention to the addition and subtraction of packaging materials, such as cardboard. The general error should not exceed plus or minus 500kg, otherwise it will confuse the gross weight and net weight of the product.

6. Easy to check before the holidays

Before major holidays will increase the probability of inspection.

7. Sensitive goods

Sensitive goods are easy to check, complete with relevant information. For example, brand products, whether there is authorization, whether there is infringement, etc..

8. Check specific products at specific times.

For example, a certain period of time will focus on a certain type of product.

9. be reported

Be reported by the counter number and other information will certainly be checked!

10. The number of boxes

Over-reported and under-reported. Some foreign customers ordered more than one or two boxes of samples, but did not declare.

11. False declaration

Product A directly reported as product B, strictly investigated. No matter what the case. There are also products whose scientific and common names are translated into English to become another product. Or the customs code was changed to avoid tax.

In addition to the above-mentioned cases there may be other factors. In short, legal export is the way to survive in cross-border shipments.

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