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Inspection procedures for import and export commodities

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Inspection procedures for import and export commodities

China's import and export commodity inspection work mainly has four links:

1.Acceptance of inspection:

Inspection report refers to the foreign trade relationship report to the commodity inspection agency for inspection. When applying for inspection, you should fill out the "Application Form", fill in the items and requirements of the application for inspection and appraisal, and submit the sales contract, transaction and transaction samples, and other necessary materials.


After agreeing with the inspection report, the commodity inspection agency must promptly dispatch employees for on-site inspection and identification at the cargo storage facility. When sampling, a certain number of specimens that can accurately reflect the quality of the entire batch of products must be chosen from various areas of the items using the specified technique, with a predetermined proportion set aside for inspection.


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4.Issue certificate:

In terms of export, for the export commodities listed in the [Type table], the release form shall be issued after passing the business inspection (or stamp the release seal on the "export goods declaration form" instead of the release form). Where the contract or letter of credit is issued by the commodity inspection department or the inspection certificate is required abroad, the required cover certificate shall be issued according to the provisions; if the certificate is not provided abroad, only the bank order shall be issued. Export commodities other than [Category table] shall be inspected by commodity inspection agencies and shall be shipped only after the certificate or release form is issued after passing the inspection. After the inspection, an "inspection notice" or "inspection certificate" is given in terms of imports for use in external settlement or claim purposes. Any imported goods utilized for external claims must be accepted by the receiving and usage units. Receiving and utilizing units must transmit the acceptance report to the commodity inspection agency within the claim's validity period for those who pass the acceptance inspection.