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  • China FBA inspection
    [inspection on FBA] China FBA inspection

    We do an FBA Product Inspection in China before the products are shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers. Save time and money keeping troubles away with our TOP Services. In this way you can ship directly from China to an FBA Warehouse. We are able to handle Quality Inspection everywhere in China as w

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  • The benefits of FBA inspection service
    [inspection on FBA] The benefits of FBA inspection service

    Having a third party inspect your goods before being shipped to Amazon FBA can be a valuable and almost essential part of the supply chain process. This allows for a streamlined relationship and production cycle with Amazon and ultimately higher profits due to a lack of potential defects. If inspect

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  • How to choosing FBA inspection company in China
    [inspection on FBA] How to choosing FBA inspection company in China

    Your main aim as an FBA seller is to get and sell high-quality products. Yes, without quality products, you stand no chance to succeed in this business. Damaged or poorly packed goods will result in a lot of returns leading to bad reviews and low sales in the end. As a result, your account may be su

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  • Amazon FBA Inspection Report
    [inspection on FBA] Amazon FBA Inspection Report

    JCI Inspection companies provide a comprehensive report at the end of the inspection process. This report includes all the deficiencies or defects in the products that the inspection team finds during the inspection. Every part of the report is backed with evidence in the shape of pictures for bette

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