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Inspection as required in the production process

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Inspection as required in the production process

1. Purchase and purchase inspection

Incoming inspection is the inspection of raw materials purchased, purchased parts, outsourcing parts, accessories, auxiliary materials, supporting products and semi-finished products purchased by enterprises before warehousing.

The purpose of incoming inspection is to prevent unqualified products from entering the warehouse, to prevent the use of unqualified products and affect the quality of products, affect the reputation of the enterprise or disrupt the normal production order. This is crucial to ensure good quality and reduce unnecessary economic losses of enterprises.

The incoming inspection shall be carefully inspected by the full-time inspector of the enterprise in strict accordance with the technical documents.

Incoming inspection includes the first (piece) batch sample inspection and batch incoming inspection.

2. Process inspection

Process inspection, also known as process inspection, is the inspection between the processing processes in the process of product formation. Its purpose is to ensure that the unqualified semi-finished products of each process shall not flow into the next process, prevent the continued processing of unqualified semi-finished products and batch semi-finished products, to ensure the normal production order. Because the process inspection is conducted according to the production process and operation procedures, it plays the role of verifying the process and ensuring the implementation of the process procedures.

Process inspection usually has three main forms: first piece inspection; circuit inspection and completion inspection.

3. Final inspection

The final inspection is also known as the finished product inspection, and the purpose is to ensure that the unqualified products do not leave the factory. Finished product inspection is a comprehensive inspection of the product after the end of production and before the product storage.

The inspection of finished products shall be responsible by the quality inspection institution of the enterprise, and the inspection shall be carried out according to the provisions of the finished product inspection instructions. The inspection of large quantities of finished products is generally carried out in the way of statistical sampling inspection.

Qualified finished product inspection products shall be issued by the inspector before the workshop can handle the warehousing procedures. All the unqualified finished products should be returned to the workshop for rework, repair, downgrade or scrap treatment. After the rework and repair, the products must be inspected again throughout the whole project. The inspectors shall make the inspection records of the reworked and repaired products to ensure the traceability of the product quality.