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How to Pre Shipment Inspection for TEXTILES and GARMENTS

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How to Pre Shipment Inspection for TEXTILES and GARMENTS

If you are worried about or have experienced problems such as poor quality, incorrect shipments, or wrong packaging for goods imported from China, product inspection services is your solution. JCI quality inspection service can help you have accurate understanding about the quality of the goods without going to the factory by yourself.

When the goods 80% above are ready for shipping, A pre-shipment inspection need to be performed. our inspectors random select samples from finished goods according to international statistical standard Acceptable Quality Level ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 (AQL) and MIL-STD-105E (ISO2859-1). The PSI confirms that finished products are in full compliance with your specifications.

Based on our textile and garment expertise, we set up and execute a customized inspection procedure, monitor the results, and help you implement the necessary corrective actions to reach your quality objectives and lead-times

 Main tests performed during an inspection of Textiles and Garments


Equipment list for quality inspection needed Let’s say you’ve told your inspector that they need to conduct a GSM check of fabric used at your supplier’s factory. Without notifying the supplier in your QC checklist, that inspector might arrive at the factory to find that the equipment needed for the GSM check isn’t available. Since you wouldn’t have any way to verify fabric density at that point, you might be forced to: Reschedule the inspection, needlessly costing time and money, or ship the goods without knowing fabric density, which could result in unhappy customers or receiving unsellable products if the density is too low. Simply stating which tests and checks are required for a product isn’t always adequate. It’s highly recommended that you also include which equipment is necessary for each test and check. If you aren’t sure which equipment is needed, your supplier or third-party inspector should be able to advise. And do specify who will provide the equipment in the list. Just as important as specifying the required equipment is clarifying who will provide it. In the fabric density example above, you might have included this test and the required equipment in your quality control inspection checklist. But the supplier could mistakenly think the inspector would bring the testing equipment. Likewise, the inspector might assume the factory had the equipment available on-site. Including who is expected to provide particular equipment helps prevent this.


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