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How to Pre Shipment Inspection for AUTOMOTIVE PARTS

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How to Pre Shipment Inspection for AUTOMOTIVE PARTS

Quality control in the automotive industry is not only essential for to ensure reliability but can also help to reduce cost.  Investing in high-quality products may appear to cost your business more when cheaper alternatives are readily available but, compare this with the potential future cost of recalls and accident compensations that can be costly and hazardous to both drivers and the manufacturers.  Targeted and specific independent quality control inspections can spot and fix any problems before the product is marketed to manufacturers and consumers by ensuring that all automotive components meet essential industry standards.

In the automotive industry quality control is a lengthy process both in terms of bringing a new model to market as well as in ensuring that every vehicle built during the entire production cycle is up to the highest possible standard. Prototype models are built and tested to find any mechanical problems or issues which need to be improved or changed. Once the prototypes have been inspected, the design will go into production and quality control continues with every vehicle. After the building work is completed, each car is inspected and tested for any further issues such as, fluid or air leaks, mechanical problems and to ensure the vehicle has been accurately  assembled.

The Automotive industry has an enormous responsibility to guarantee vehicle safety and satisfaction for the billions of consumers who travel by road every day. Automotive parts are expected to have zero defects, without exception. Substandard products can endanger lives and damage a brand’s reputation, profit margins, and ability to meet contractual obligations. Manufacturers, importers, and retailers involved in automotive parts manufacturing in China must implement a rigorous quality management program.

Main Tests performed during an inspection of Automotive Parts Dimensional meaurements and gap measurements (Calliper, gauge, Go-No-go, etc…) Drawing compliance


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