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How to do the Container Loading Inspection

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How to do the Container Loading Inspection

When the goods arrive at the destination port, some cartons were found missing, or deformed products found in cartons, wet cartons in containers, you will lose time and cost to discuss where this problem comes from and why it can’t be avoided before shipping. Sometimes the hard use and handling of containers will result in problems that impact the quality of transportation, because of broken holes or weatherproofing failure, you will see ingress of water from leaks, and then resultant mold or rotting wood happen. Additionally, if your goods shipped by LCL (Less than Container Load), then goods will be mix stacked in the container, absolutely you can ask your logistics agent to ensure your small boxes stack at top level in the container, but a container loading inspection can monitoring the loading process, help you 100% avoid these issues, save your time and money.

Containers can offer a shipping method for small businesses that can reduce the chances of theft and help keep the shipping load together as a single unit, minimizing the likelihood of cargo parts going missing when shipped in large boxes. Business owners using container transportation should estimate the cargo size, select the correct container for the load and determine how to pack it to ensure it meets the shipper’s requirements, while still making the most use of the container space.Firstly, the number of boxes should be counted and then each box should be measured by length, width, height and weight and all the measurements should be noted. All large upright packing bags should also be measured by length, width, height, and weight. Any metal or plastic barrels should be measured by diameter, height, weight, and quantity and any loaded bags should stand freely on the floor.All load items for the same customer should be grouped together and all pallets should be measured. Any items that are identified as substances controlled under Hazmat regulations need to be grouped together. The pallet space should be measured by length, width and height. The shipper should be contacted and given all of the measurements.

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