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Do you know what types the types of factory quality inspection are?

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Do you know what types the types of factory quality inspection are?

According to the timing of quality inspection and the method of extracting samples, quality inspection mainly includes the following categories:

1. First inspection

When the first workpiece of a new product is launched or the replacement machine starts the processing, in order to check the equipment, materials and product design, it is necessary to process 3-5 products in each process, and check the product quality to ensure the smooth production. Mass production is allowed after the first inspection.

2. Inspection

Inspection is a regular or random liquidity inspection in the production and manufacturing process of products, and the purpose is to find out product quality problems in time. The inspection is to inspect the products of the process and record the inspection conclusions according to the inspection results, and if the unqualified products are found. The unqualified products found in the inspection shall not flow to the lower station, but the inspection shall not judge the batch products inspected. The products shall flow to the lower station normally, and the frequency and quantity of the inspection shall be determined manually.

3. Full inspection

The full inspection is to inspect the whole batch of products one by one, that is, each product in the process needs to be inspected, and input into the MES system according to the inspection results. Full inspection is generally for single small batch production. Some manufacturers stipulate that if a unqualified product is found in the batch sampling inspection, it must be fully inspected.

4. Sampling inspection

Sampling inspection is sampling inspection, is a small number of samples from a batch of products for inspection, to judge whether this batch of products is qualified. If the inferred result is that the batch meets the pre-specified eligibility criteria, it is accepted; otherwise reject. Sampling inspection is divided into random sampling inspection and batch sampling inspection.

a.Random sampling inspection: inspect the products of the process from time to time, and enter the conclusion according to the results.

b.Batch sampling inspection: divide the products produced in one process into multiple batches for sampling inspection. It is necessary to prepare a sampling inspection plan, and the quality inspection personnel shall carry out batch sampling inspection of the products according to the sampling inspection plan in the production process, and make a judgment on the product quality. If there are problems in several batches, it is necessary to increase the proportion of subsequent sampling batches to achieve the purpose of strengthening quality control. If the quality of multiple batches of sampling is qualified, the proportion of sampling can be reduced to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs and improving efficiency.