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Attention to Considerations for Toy Export

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Attention to Considerations for Toy Export

(1) Intellectual Property Rights

In recent years, the number of intellectual property rights infringement lawsuits against Chinese toy exporters has been on the rise. The current cases of infringement mainly involve the following behaviors:

1. Counterfeiting and selling products of patent holders without authorization.

2. Promising to sell, selling, importing, or manufacturing products that others have patent rights to without the permission of the rights holder.

3. Manufacturing, selling, or promising to sell patented products without the permission of the rights holder by utilizing patent schemes.

Therefore, toy exporters should raise their awareness of intellectual property protection and actively prevent product infringement risks:

1. Conduct a detailed investigation and search on trademarks, patent technology, and appearance design involved in the goods to understand the intellectual property situation of competitors in similar industries. If there is a possibility of infringement found during the search, take avoidance measures for patent technology and trademark design. To protect their legitimate intellectual property rights, companies can apply for intellectual property protection in the target market locally and register with China Customs to achieve border protection for intellectual property.

2. If an exporting company is unsure whether its exported products infringe on intellectual property rights or not, it is recommended to log in to the Intellectual Property Customs Protection Filing Subsystem for inquiry. Companies can use this system to query registered intellectual property information at China Customs General Administration and preliminarily determine whether their goods infringe on others' rights.

(2) International Toy Safety Standards

Exported toys must comply with the technical regulations and standards of the importing country or region. Exporting companies should have a thorough understanding of the safety standards for toys in major export destinations, which mainly involve regulations related to mechanical and physical properties, flame retardancy, chemical requirements, and electrical performance. Companies should stay up-to-date with updates to foreign standards and technical regulations by visiting relevant websites such as China Technical Barriers to Trade Information System.

Attention to Considerations for Toy Export