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Amazon FBA Inspection Report

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Amazon FBA Inspection Report

JCI Inspection companies provide a comprehensive report at the end of the inspection process. This report includes all the deficiencies or defects in the products that the inspection team finds during the inspection. Every part of the report is backed with evidence in the shape of pictures for better understanding. The inspection report comprises of following sections: Inspection Remarks:This section provides a summary of the entire report. Visual And Workmanship Check Section: This section of the report provides information about skilled labor hired by the manufacturer to carry out the production process and bring to attention any matter of concern. Quantity Conformity Section: In this section, you can get information aboutthe quality of the products based on customer requirements. Product Conformity Section: Here, you can find the details of products along with any issues with the product. Amazon Label Requirements Section:This section highlights the issues found by the inspection team with the labeling requirements based on Amazon requirements. Amazon Packaging Requirement: It will provide information about any shortcomings found in the packing of the products based on Amazon requirements. On-site Test Section:It contains the verdicts of the tests executed on the products. Measurement Section:This section reports about measurement issues, if any, found in the products, and check whether product specifications are as per order. Carton Weight and Dimensions: It highlights the findings with cartons weight and dimensions based on Amazon FBA requirements.

This comprehensive report, along with pictures, helps to resolve the issues, if any, before the shipment of goods. It is beneficial to save time, as well as money.

You lose in your ability to control the manufacturing and logistics processes for what you gain in convenience. But there is something you can do, and that’s working with a quality control specialist like JCI.

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