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What is Supplier Audit?

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What is Supplier Audit?

A supplier audit is, in essence, an inspection of a suppliers usage of industry regulation practices. This includes health and safety and correct manufacturing processes.

A supplier audit covers a large area with several different practices. Therefore they are usually bespoke to the organisation’s requirements. This means it can be specific for each industry, from food to electrical goods. Due to the particular nature which is required for audits, this can be done by an organisation’s internal term or done by a 3rd party organisation which is more common. Audits should be conducted every two years to make sure the supplier is up to standard.

When you are planning to start new cooperation with either new or existing suppliers,  Factory Audit can help you do a thorough check on the most updated capabilities of the factory.

As you select new vendors, reduce the number of your vendors to more manageable levels and improve overall performance, our factory and supplier audit services provide an effective way to enhance that process at a reduced cost to you.

The Simple Factory audit or Supplier qualification Audit are based on the ISO9000 standards.

If it’s the first time you work with a factory or selecting new potential suppliers in China & Asia, as an essential step in securing your supply chain, the simple factory audit also referred to as a basic supplier qualification or supplier assessment, supplier evaluation audit, etc.

The service guarantees you start manufacturing your goods at a legitimate supplier who can meet your requirements.

Trusting is important, but in business, you need to know who you are dealing with, a vendor, a factory, or even a middleman. Even you have a good relationship with the new supplier, or your friends recommended the new supplier.

The SFA may not as exhaustive as the Extensive Factory Audit, but it will give you a good report with pictures of your business partner.


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