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8 Supplier audit precautions

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8 Supplier audit precautions

The production equipment and inspection means used for the investigation and evaluation of the key and important quality characteristics shall be inspected according to the requirements of the main resource allocation (including tooling status). Special attention should be paid to whether the necessary means and equipment (including production and testing) for each key process (main quality characteristics and special process characteristics) are complete, whether there is a lack, and whether there are good records.

Investigation and evaluation of field quality control, focusing on the management and maintenance of equipment and tooling, process design rationality, testing of equipment means management and maintenance status, according to the process requirements, process inspection, important process parameters or quality characteristic value monitoring and control, quality tracking the whole batch management implementation, in addition to the production site safety and civilized production, fixed management, and reasonable use of station equipment should pay attention to check, including at least: logistics, space layout, station equipment, equipment & facilities, working environment, operation, rhythm bottleneck, people Machine engineering, product accumulation between processes, etc.

Spot inspection of physical quality, randomly selected samples, inspection according to the audit standards; the inspection items shall be implemented according to the requirements of the incoming inspection items (especially pay attention to the inspection and control of the project suppliers without testing means); and the judgment shall be executed according to the incoming inspection standards. Quality rectification verification: according to the feedback of quality problems or rectification requirements, check whether the manufacturer has formulated the corresponding improvement measures, whether the measures have been effectively implemented, verify the effect of the measures, and record the inspection situation.

Check the quality system operation of the supplier and the main secondary supporting situation. Requirements for the supplier's quality system; whether the quality system is established as required; if the supplier passes the third-party quality system certification and product quality is stable, make an appropriate spot check without the comprehensive quality system inspection; if it fails to pass the third-party quality system certification, check whether the quality management system or corresponding technical documents are perfect; whether the inspection and control of main secondary accessories are complete; and record.

The audit team shall organize and summarize the non-conformance items found in the inspection, rectify within a time limit after the (potential) supplier confirms, and require the audited supplier to submit the rectification plan according to the prescribed format, check and verify the rectification effect at the expiration date, and pass the test item by item.

All original records shall be kept to facilitate access to statistics.

The audit team will prepare the audit report according to the actual inspection results.

In principle, in the audit process, the audit standard is the basis of the verification mode. But in the concrete implementation process, as long as the supplier's operation mode is reasonable and effective and can guarantee the product quality, it is also acceptable, namely the quality of the supplier's planning is according to the idea of APQP, the system of the whole process, the specific quality planning steps process way cannot be completely equivalent to the specific terms of the audit standard, but defined the process of the main nodes and the related functions must be completed.

All the business activities shall be the output of the results of the business activities.